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 VIRUTEX Veneer and Laminate Slitter


Video Link is at the bottom, so keep scrolling all the way to the bottom!

THIS TOOL DOES NOT WORK with the RTF (Rigid ThermoFoil) . The RTF foil is more flexible, and the rolling wheels of the VIRUTEX slitter will simply 'squeeze' the RTF foil, rather than cutting it cleanly.

This tool DOES WORK VERY WELL when 'scribing' (cutting from both sides, actually) WOOD VENEER.
We now offer this Expensive Veneer Slitter for RENT to those of you who want to save hours of cutting veneer with razor blades and scissors, but can't justify actually BUYING one for a single job!

CONTRACTORS NOTE: This is an Invaluable tool, and will save you a LOT of time cutting the wood veneer. It was designed to scribe and cut Formica type High pressure Laminate, so it has no problem whatsoever cutting the Wood Veneer. If you want to get a "feel" for the tool before you go out and buy your own, you may RENT one from us, and learn how great this tool really is!

We must make this tool available to rent more than once per month to make this a worthwhile service.
We have chosen 14 day rental periods, so there will be plenty of time for delivery to you, and delivery back to us within a month.

The Rental agreement is as follows:

  • Your credit card will be charged a total of $136.00 when you rent the Virutex Slitter. $100.00 of that amount will be held in escrow as the security deposit for the tool, while $25.00 will be applied as the Rental of the tool for TWO weeks, and the final $11.00 of that amount will cover the USPS Priority Mail shipping to you.
  • A record will be kept of the day that it was sent to you, and our tracking numbers will show us the day that you received it.
  • Your responsibility will be to send it on its way back to us (at your cost) after no more than 14 days of use.
  • You may send it back to us in the same box if you wish.
  • The package we will send to you will contain a Return Address Label (USPS Priority Mail), as well as a USPS Green colored Delivery Confirmation sticker. You Must use the "Delivery Confirmation" Service from the US Postal Service if you return it to us through the US postal Service. The return shipping will be at YOUR cost. The amount collected at the time of rental included payment for the rental fee, outbound shipping cost, and security deposit.

  • You Must Get A Delivery Confirmation (it costs about $0.70) when You Return The Tool, So You Will Have Proof That We Received It.
  • If you do not postmark your return package within the 14 Day Rental Period, a Second 14 Day Rental Charge will be applied.
  • If tool is not returned after 8 weeks, you will lose your security deposit completely.
  • Within One Day of the time we receive the tool back (in working order), we will credit the $100.00 security deposit back to the Credit Card you used to in your original make the purchase.
  • You must agree to these terms by sending us an email, agreeing that you have read these terms, and agree to abide by them.
  • Send the email to , and State that you agree to the terms of Virutex Rental agreement.


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