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Oct 24, 2017
Hi Dave, Let me start by saying that the doors and faces arrived and they look great and my client is delighted. I somehow forgot to order 2 doors though. I need 2 doors that are 21” h x 17 15/16” wide that same style, color and finish as my previous order. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
- Thomas Anderson, Potomac Run Development, LLC

Aug 11, 2017
Perfect. Thank you very much.
- Karl Joslin

Aug 8, 2017

Jun 27, 2017
Hi Diane, I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the beautiful cabinet doors that I received from for my bathroom. The doors were delivered to me faster than expected and were of excellent quality! The packaging was nicely done and all the doors arrived in perfect condition. The website made it easy
- Jan Radcliffe

May 31, 2017
The doors and drawer faces are beautiful Thank you!
- David M. DePaul, Gourmet Woodwork

May 24, 2017
they showed up last night. They look beautiful. thanks for all the help, Glenn
- Glenn Virgin

Apr 25, 2017
Hi, Just wanted to send a note that I installed all the drawer boxes and they work wonderfully. Thanks for the quality work. Dana
- Dana Hummel

Mar 27, 2017
The doors are beautiful and I appreciate all your assistance! Thanks!
- Jeannie Howard

Mar 6, 2017
I got a chance to inventory and measure everything. Gorgeous solid products!! I’m very happy with the quality and look of these.Thank you very much! Suzie Park
- Suzie Park

Jan 31, 2017
I recently ordered some doors and drawer fronts for a different cabinet and I'm very happy with them! Thanks, Lisa Slap
- Lisa Slap

Nov 10, 2016
Hi Diane and Dave! Just to let you know that we received our doors last week and we are extremely pleased with the result! Just wanted to thanks you for your help and patience. Very best regards Enrique
- Enrique Mertins

Aug 11, 2016
Hi Diane, Just to let you know, the cabinet doors arrived safe and sound. We opened all packages to check them out and they are fine (excellent packaging). The sizes are correct and the number received is correct as well. Thanks once again, they are beautiful. The remaining drawers and lower cabinet doors will be placed late Aug / early Sep. Kind regards, Andrea
- Andrea Asirak

Jul 21, 2016
I just wanted to let you know that I have finished installing all the cabinet doors and drawers purchased on the captioned order number and they look absolutely beautiful. My wife couldn't be happier. Thanks very much for providing such a quality product and for standing by your commitment to customer service in the prompt handling of the few doors that were mis-bored at the factory. I will certainly recommend you to everyone I know. - Bob Tyson
- Bob Tyson

Apr 30, 2016
Thank you very much for your prompt response to this. The doors arrived perfectly and are installed with the rest. Beautiful! Thanks again, Steve Morton
- Steve Morton

Apr 19, 2016
The first order was perfect everyone continually has great comments.thanks for doing such a nice job we are very happy with these
- Rob Cameron, Omega Design

May 29, 2015
So firstly, I saw that you have testimonials on your website and I wanted to take the time to give you one as well. I’m 26 years old, I bought my first house in March, and when I walked into the kitchen the day that I had closed, I realized it would be a lot more work to update it than I had expected. I realized that the woman that lived in the house before me really didn’t take care of much of the house, and it really needed to be updated. The cabinets were white, but she had painted the doors yellow for whatever reason, and she ruined them in doing this because of the paint that she used. I knew I had to update the countertops and the appliances, so I went ahead with that, and while I was doing that I was also getting quotes for new cabinets, $7000, and then I got quotes for just new cabinet doors which is professional refacing, which came in at $5000, and then finally from the big home improvement stores I got quotes for DIY cabinets, the cheapest that they had, which came in at about $2500. I turned to my new best friend, google, and found I couldn’t believe it when I typed in all the sizes of my cabinet doors and I found that the doors would only cost me a little more than $700, and they were better quality and fancier designs than what I was looking at for the other stores! I ordered some samples, and then one door to see what I was getting myself in to, and then finally I ordered all of my doors. The people at reface depot were so incredibly helpful, they called when I entered in my lazy susan the wrong way to see exactly what I was looking for, they gave me free shipping even though I forgot to put in the code, and then they called back to see if I needed hinges that I had forgotten. They were so professional and so helpful, and the doors came in less than two weeks. I have to say I was a little nervous to put them up myself, but as a 26 year old girl with no prior knowledge (except lately) of how to use a drill, I successfully put all of my doors up, and they look beautiful! The ordering process was very easy, they have pictures of EVERYTHING and guides to show you what they’re looking for, and then on top of that someone reviews it to make sure that it looks accurate. I can’t believe how easy and affordable they make this process and I will be recommending everyone to their website! Thanks so much Refacedepot!!!
- Samantha Gloeckner

Jan 14, 2015
I really like the organization and flexibility of the order building process online. I recognize that it was not an easy task to build that flexible and sophisticated an ordering system. The separate sections and separate carts etc. are just what is needed for complicated jobs. Well done! It is one of the primary reasons I am ordering my supplies with your outfit. Thanks for your time Dave.
- David Orr

Jan 4, 2015
I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous website you have. I had gone to multiple websites before finding yours and wow, what a difference yours makes. You had all kinds of information about hidden hinges, how to measure, and types of edges for door fronts—just about everything I could think of. Thanks so much for providing such superb customer service for the on-line shopper. We need lots of information to make informed decisions, and you certainly provide it.
- Elizabeth Dunn

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